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What's new in TheBooks version 3.3.0


What's new in TheBooks version 3.3.0

TheBooks version 3.3.0 is now in production in several customers so we thought we would share some of the new capabilities we have added:

  • The largest change in this release is the support for time zones.  This change affects most areas of the system, but provides the greatest impact in the Data Manager for users of sub-daily bar data.  The time zone support is historical in nature which mean TheBooks now maintains a database of all time zones historically, allowing the automatic recognition of daylight saving time changes around the world.
  • The ability to produce pro forma performance tables for any account or group of accounts.  This allows the actual performance of a program to be re-stated using a standard management and incentive fee schedule.
  • The ability to produce the NFA Performance Capsule and put it on the clipboard for pasting into Microsoft Word and other tools.
  • Support for the Omega function allowing advisors to provide additional risk/return information to the clients and potential clients.
  • Order history and traceability reporting has been significantly enhanced.  All changes to an order (properties, fills, order detail lines, status) are recorded and displayed in the History tab of the order’s properties.
  • Broker statements that come as multiple data files can now be automatically combined into a single file for processing by reconciliation, reducing the reconciliation effort required for these types of statements.
  • The Historic Margin to Equity chart now supports trading size as well as total equity as divisor.
  • Contacts now have a reporting currency allowing automatic restatement of results to the currency of the reciever of a report.
  • Several new reports, including an Instrument Snapshot report that returns Today, MTD, YTD income and returns for markets/sectors and variants of the 13 column performance reports that have advisor fees taking out of the calculations.
  • Support for NDF currencies.

This version is being rolled out to the customer base and is what is installed for new customers.

For more information or to see a demo, contact us via email at  info@dmaxx.com or call 847-234-4969.

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