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Signs you need a new way to run your CTA

Like many small businesses, CTAs frequently hold onto processes much longer than they should. This is particularly true of those related to the operation of the firm. While sustainable in the short run, not maintaining and enhancing an organization's operational infrastructure can be highly detrimental over time as it limits the firm's ability to adapt to changing market forces and can leave it at a disadvantage compared to other firms. more »


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One Click NFA Performance Capsule

Producing the required NFA Performance Capsule for each of your programs can be a time consuming and error-prone task, especially for advisors with large numbers of accounts or ones with high-turnover. You must update your disclosure document with this… more »


What's new in TheBooks version 3.3.0

TheBooks version 3.3.0 is now in production in several customers so we thought we would share some of the new capabilities we have added. more »

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