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How the Right Technology will Simplify Your Life - part 1

Operating a CTA is not always the glamorous, flashy career that the uninitiated believe it to be. It involves many tasks that can be tedious and error prone but must be performed flawlessly every day. Add to that, the ever-increasing regulatory burden, and you have something that can wear down the stoutest of traders. In the next two articles, I will discuss the primary problem areas common to every CTA and how they can be addressed in a flexible and reliable manner. In this article, I will look at back office trade issues. more »


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3 New Year's Resolutions for CTAs: Get your house in order

A goal for any trader is to get their house in order. That is, make sure your business is solid, your back office efficient and your reporting clean. To help out, we came up with three resolutions all CTAs should strive for this year. more »


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Painless reconciliation

Any CTA with managed accounts knows that one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job is reconciling your books and records with those of your clearing brokers. TheBooks reconciler automates this task by automatically extracting the data, converting it to your format, presenting the differences, and keeping track of corrections. more »
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