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One Click NFA Performance Capsule


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One Click NFA Performance Capsule

Producing the required NFA Performance Capsule for each of your programs can be a time consuming and error-prone task, especially for advisors with large numbers of accounts or ones with high-turnover.

You must update your disclosure document with this information each month any month where there are material program changes during the month.  In addition, the capsule also contains monthly returns values presented in a table with years across the top and months in the rows.  The specifics of the capsule are contained in the NFA’s CTA disclosure document guide.

TheBooks provides a function that produces the NFA Performance Capsule in the required format for any program defined to the system.  Once produced, you can copy the report and paste it into programs like Microsoft Word to update your disclosure document or other marketing materials.

A sample of the function is shown below:

NFA Performance Capsul

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