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Raising AUM is universal for any size CTA

Big and emerging CTAs alike have one need in common: growing assets under management. So what do the experts advise in this hunt for investment? What should all CTAs be doing, and how does that change as AUM grows? Here are some pointers from managers, third party marketers and asset allocators on how to grow your AUM. more »


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The Big Question: How to select an FCM?

With the shrinking number of FCMs, it might seem a CTA has little choice, or in some cases, too many. Either way, you need to know the questions to ask, and if you’re not happy with the answers, move on. more »


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Using Excel to access TheBooks data

TheBooks automatically summarizes a wide range of trading and performance data in formats that are easily accessible to users of common office application such as Microsoft Access and Excel. I will show you how to use Excel to access data from TheBooks without any programming at all. more »

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