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Disaster Recovery


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Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery has become an essential aspect of running a successful investment manager. The existence of a backup operating environment is now a key requirement of all due diligence questionnaires.

The ability to easily configure and manage systems so they can operate in production or backup modes is an important consideration when evaluating mission-critical applications.

Startup Profiles
TheBooks incorporates a concept called Startup Profiles which are a set of system parameters describing how the system is to behave. Startup profiles describe things like the email server to communicate with, the price feed computer, and other system-related information.

TheBooks allows you to define multiple startup profiles. These are maintained within TheBooks database. Each server that runs TheBooks can be assigned a different startup profile to use when it starts, allowing you to configure a startup profile for your production environment and a startup profile for your backup environment from your production environment.

When TheBooks database is restored in your backup environment, the settings appropriate to the backup environment are used.

Because DMAXX recognizes that an offsite backup facility is a requirement of your business, your license to use TheBooks® allows you to maintain as many offsite backup facilities you need at no additional charge.

Offsite Backups
As an optional feature, TheBooks can automatically back itself up and copy the backups to one of DMAXX’s servers for secure, offsite backup.

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