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Raising AUM is universal for any size CTA

Big and emerging CTAs alike have one need in common: growing assets under management. So what do the experts advise in this hunt for investment? What should all CTAs be doing, and how does that change as AUM grows? Here are some pointers from managers, third party marketers and asset allocators on how to grow your AUM. more »


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Why Compliance is the New Black

Compliance has been upped largely due to Dodd-Frank rules, but also because the NFA and exchanges are under increased scrutiny by the CFTC. There are key areas of compliance across all regulators that need to be part of the game plan for a firm’s daily operations. Here are important aspects to include in your plan. more »


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4 cyber security keys for CTAs

More than a buzzword, cyber security is core to how your systems are set up, what information passes through your business and how you plan to recover from a disaster. Here’s what you need to know. Today, cyber security is a necessary worry and cost of… more »

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