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How the Right Technology will Simplify Your Life - part 1

Operating a CTA is not always the glamorous, flashy career that the uninitiated believe it to be. It involves many tasks that can be tedious and error prone but must be performed flawlessly every day. Add to that, the ever-increasing regulatory burden, and you have something that can wear down the stoutest of traders. In the next two articles, I will discuss the primary problem areas common to every CTA and how they can be addressed in a flexible and reliable manner. In this article, I will look at back office trade issues. more »


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APS was supposed to make things easier

When the Clearing Corporation developed the Average Price System (APS) approach to handling mixed fills, its purpose was to make it easier for traders to allocate their trades accross multiple accounts. Unfortunately, policy changes at some FCMs has changed all that. more »


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FIX Drop copy in TheBooks

Imagine walking up to a trading screen (any broker or vendor's trading screen), entering a trade and when the trade is filled, having the fills automatically show up in TheBooks. That is what FIX Drop copy in TheBooks provides. FIX stands for Finan… more »
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