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Week ending 5/7/2010 - Odd performance on weekends

This is the first in a weekly series of entries titled Issue of the week where we highlight a support issue we felt would enlighten others, was a common issue for all of our users, or was something that we felt we just had to share.

Odd performance on weekends

The 13-column performance tables are showing big losses every Saturday and then big gains on Monday without any supporting transactions.  What is going on here?


The Issue was that exchange rates were imported by user with rates on the weekends.  This in of itself is not an issue, however, in this instance, the weekday rates were in correct orientation (foreign units per usd) and weekend values (not required) were inverted (usd per foreign units).

This results in weird performance results since the valuation of non-usd assets and liabilities on the weekends were being done with a different exchange rate convention than those during the week.

Removing the exchange rates that were in the incorrect orientation corrected the problem.

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