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Strategic Alliance Between DMAXX, LLC and Open E Cry, LLC Brings Straight-Through Processing to the Institutional CTA

CHICAGO, IL - DMAXX, LLC, a leading supplier of middle and back office systems to institutional commodity trading advisors, and Open E Cry, LLC, an industry-leading direct access futures brokerage firm, and pioneering developer of futures trading technology, today announced a strategic alliance to provide seamless integration between their platforms. The resulting solution will provide the institutional CTA the first fully integrated, straight-through processing operating system, encompassing the front, middle, and back office functions, tailored specifically to institutional CTAs with managed accounts.

The combination of Open E Cry’s industry-leading, global direct access futures trading network and their OEC Trader platform with DMAXX’s fully integrated middle and back office software, TheBooks®, provides un-paralleled automation to the alternative investment manager. The resulting platform provides electronic and pit market access, dynamic block allocations, multi clearer trade routing, position management, broker reconciliation, risk management, performance accounting and reporting, as a single, fully integrated solution.

Discretionary and systematic traders will find the resulting solution delivers an operating platform not previously available to the institutional futures trader. The functionality to seamlessly combine long and short term algorithmic trading along side of discretionary screen trading into the middle and back office functions will now be available off the shelf to the institutional CTA.

DMAXX, LLC has been providing Futures Trading and Accounting software and services to members of the Managed Futures industry since 1994. Our flagship product, TheBooks®, is a comprehensive, scalable application tailored to the needs of the alternative investment advisor with managed accounts. Our years of experience, product functionality, and dedication to customer service have made us the vendor of choice by institutional CTAs worldwide for more than fourteen years.

About Open E Cry, LLC
Open E Cry, LLC is a direct access FCM that offers online trading for both electronic and pit markets through our proprietary software. We have developed a set of complex systems and order routing technology specifically designed to meet the high standards of CTAs, hedge funds, FCMs, Prop Shops, Arcades and other high volume commodities and futures traders. This technology can be accessed through our industry-leading trading front end, OEC Trader, or through direct access to our API. Our focus is to provide the best execution possible to ensure maximum speed and reliability, while minimizing total transaction costs.

Contact DMAXX, LLC:
Dana Comolli
1.847.234.4969 x11

Contact Open E Cry, LLC:
Brian Weis
1.800.920.5808 x4484


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DMAXX support forums are now available

DMAXX, LLC announces the availability of on-line support forums for users of TheBooks. Users can access these forums and search for answers to their questions as well as post questions for issues which cannot be resolved by searching the forums. The forums are designed to provide an additional vehicle for customer support for those users who prefer to use on-line resources rather than the other methods of support provided by DMAXX. The existing support options will continue to be available for our customers.

The forums are continuously monitored by the DMAXX support team to ensure timely responses to all questions and issues and are being populated with questions and answers which have been received in the past via our traditional support options.

The forums are open to all users of TheBooks, but users must register on the forum before they are granted access. Once registered, users can search the forums, post new topics, and respond to other posts.

The forums are located at

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eSignal Support added to TheBooks

Version 2.2.1 of TheBooks adds support for eSignal for both real-time as well as historic data. One of the big advantages for users of TheBooks is eSignals excellent support for LME prices. Accurate settlement prices for any forward date are available directly from eSignal without the need to interpolate to the forward date.

TheBooks works with either the eSignal or FutureSource Workstation interfaces and can connect with any eSignal system installed in your network.

To find out more about this exciting new addition to TheBooks, contact us at or call us at 847-234-4969.


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End of support for Windows 2000 and SQL Server 2000

Version 2.2.1 and its subsequent service packs is the last version of TheBooks which will support Windows 2000 and SQL Server 2000. Subsequent versions of TheBooks will not install into environments with either of these platforms.

Windows 2000 entered the 5-year extended support phase on June 30, 2005. During this phase, Microsoft continues to provide security hot fixes and paid support but no longer provides complimentary support options, design change requests, and non-security hotfixes

SQL Server 2005 SP1 has been available since mid April 2006 and SQL Server 2008’s release is comming in the next few months. SQL Server 2005 is a significant upgrade from SQL Server 2000 and includes many functional as well as performance enhancements. TheBooks has been supported on SQL Server 2005 since its initial release in November 2005.

At this time, more than eighty percent of our customers have migrated to SQL Server 2005 and are performing their daily operations without any issues.

There are several options available for SQL Server 2005:

  • SQLExpress is a free version that is appropriate for any organization whose database is under 4 Gbytes and does not required multi-processor support and does not required more than one Gbyte of memory to be reserved to SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Workgroup is licensed version that is appropriate for any organization whose databases are of any size, requires at most dual cpu support and does not required more than three Gbytes of memory to be reserved to SQL Server. The standard pricing for this version is $3900 per processor.
  • SQL Server Standard is licensed version that is appropriate for any organization whose databases are of any size, requires at most quad cpu support and has no limit on the memory reserved to SQL Server. This version also supports clusters. The standard pricing for this version is $6000 per processor.
  • SQL Server Enterprise is licensed version that has no restrictions. This version also supports clusters. The standard pricing for this version is $25,000 per processor.
  • A good article describing the differences between the various versions is available at Note, that with very few exceptions, customers running TheBooks will meet the requirements of SQLExpress or SQL Server Workgroup.

From a migration standpoint, SQL Server 2000 and 2005 can co-exist on the same computer so applications can be migrated to the new database over time.

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