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TheBooks new OMS is now Generally Available


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TheBooks new OMS is now Generally Available

The new interface provides a streamlined, integrated environment which incorporates selected orders, top-day positions/returns, market pricing, and order actions (create/place/fill/change) into a single window.  Each of the main components (the order list, performance and pricing, and order actions) can be torn away and placed on alternate screens or can auto-hide to save screen real estate until it is needed.

The Order List panel includes filters for market, accounts, executing desk, order state and others and provides the ability to view multiple days of trades at once.  The Order Action panel is context sensitive to the currently selected order(s) and allows the quick creation, placement, and modification of orders.  The Performance panel provides your current positions and top-day returns with filters by trading system, market, and accounts updated in real-time.

The interface has been in a limited release within our customer base since June 2015 and is now available for use by all customers.

For more information on using the new interface, please contact DMAXX support.


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