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TheBooks version 3.2.0 is now in production


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TheBooks version 3.2.0 is now in production

The latest version of TheBooks is now in production at customer sites. Version 3.2.0 contains enhancements in execution platforms, security, ease of use and administration, and integration with other applications.

Execution platform support

TheBooks now provides generic algorithmic trading support. This allows trades to be flagged with algorithm parameters independent of the specific execution platform where the trade will be placed. TheBooks performs the required translations based on where the trade is ultimately placed.


TheBooks role-based security model is no longer tied to COM+ roles and incorporated into the application. Administrators now have the ability to define roles that are appropriate for their organization’s needs and add functions to those roles as required. Many of the key functions in the system now support both read-only as well as update level access control.

Ease of use and Administration

TheBooks application menu is now based on the Office 2010 ribbon, greatly simplifying the look and feel of the application.

The server configuration utility known as TheBooks Configuration has been replaced by TheBooks Server Manager. It provides an improved user experience and includes expanded capabilities.

Application Integration

A managed code version of TheBooks API is now available. This provides native access for all .NET developers to TheBooks without the need for COM.

Operating System Support

TheBooks is now supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.


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