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TheBooks version 3.1.0 now in production


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TheBooks version 3.1.0 now in production

The latest version of TheBooks is now in production at customer sites.  Version 3.1.0 contains enhancements in instrument support, execution platforms, reporting, and data visualization as well as a number of enhancements throughout the system.

Instrument Support

  • ICE over the counter daily cash settled energy contracts such as Henry Hub Natural Gas.
  • ICE over the counter Peak/Offpeak electricity contracts

Execution Platforms

  • RealTick has been added as a bi-directional execution platform
  • Goldman Sachs’ Redi+ has been added as a bi-directional platform


Several new reports have been added to the system including:

  • instrument income and returns by month
  • a performance metrics report that charts a variety of statistics such as Sharpe/Sortino ratio, upside/downside volatility, and VAMI/Drawdown

Data Visualization

  • The performance explorer has been enhanced to include many new charts as well as the ability to chart user-selected data.
  • All charting in the system has been re-written to allow complete flexibility for chart types, colors, and styles, including support for 3D charts.


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